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I hope you find a book that brings you JOY.

Hi! I'm Jossea K. Rilea!
(pronouced JOSS-sea, like the ocean, and Ri-lea)


Hi! I'm Jossea K. Rilea (pronouced JOSS-sea RI-lee), author, artist and caretaker of a whole herd of rare, invisible Things (some of which are super cool). I believe that despite the health challenges we face in our daily lives, we can overcome our struggles by shifting our perception of these Things, dreaming (while awake) and taking positive action toward making our dreams come true. We all have Things we're taking care of—why not make it fun? I hope this creative self-care journal will inspire young people living with any Thing to dream big (and better manage their own self-care). I invite you to participate in the art project as a way to share HOPE, LOVE and JOY with those who need it the most! Thank you!

Awards and Workshops:
• TEDx Middlebury talk: "The Place of Wonder: A Gigantic Pod of Potential"
• WeMedia Finalist, Community Choice Game Changers Award
• Recipient of the Teach Believe Inspire Award
• Recipient of 2009 Saratoga Program for Arts Funding Project Grant, part of the Regrant Program of the New York State Council of the Arts (NYSCA)
• "Power of Dreaming" workshops were held in the US, Canada and Norway including Saratoga Springs Children’s Museum, Hasbro Children’s Hospital, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital (New York Presbyterian), Saratoga Arts Fest, St. George’s School (Canada), Fairfield Country Day School, Saratoga Arts Council Summer Camp, Norwegian Play Spirits (Norway), Saratoga Arts, Saratoga Springs Public Library, Ballston Spa Community Center

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